Ann Peters Cakes

ANN PETERS Speciality Cake Designer


"Can't thank you enough, the cakes looked and tasted beautiful, everyone commented on them. You did Lottie proud." Linda - December 2012

"Thank you so much for my Mum's birthday cake. She was thrilled with it - and is determined to keep the model of her for as long as it lasts (any tips?). You made it in such short notice but it really did add to the party and she loved it." Natasha - November 2012

"Sam's cakes were fantastic, thank you - and very quickly consumed." Natasha - October 2012

"Thank you soooo much again for our stunning wedding cake! It was gorgeous and everything I wanted!!!" Emma & Russell - October 2012

"The cupcakes were amazing. Tess loved them. Thank you so much." Jane - September 2012

"Dad absolutely loved his cake. He still has the top tier in the fridge. Thank you it was fantastic." Anita - September 2012

"Beautiful cakes with great attention to detail." Liz - July 2012

"Cake a great success, everybody loved it!" Eva - June 2012

"The fastest eaten cake ever!" Una - June 2012

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the cupcakes. Honestly I have never had cupcakes that good, they were absolutely exquisite!" Lisa - January 2012